Sep 25 2010


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Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin

I had the pleasure of riding with JoAnn in the fall of 2009 up in Prairie Du Chien. Great trails, good food, great sitting around the fire at night.

It was really a fun-filled weekend that everyone who loves riding will enjoy.

– Janet West, Beloit, WI

Wildcat State Park & Prairie Du Chien

I’ve had the pleasure of horseback camping with JoAnn and Mike on several occasions. My first trip was to Wildcat State Park. That was an amazing trip in the fall of the year. The trees were at the peak of their color. The trails were fun but challenging for my horse and I.

The second trip took us to a horse camping park in Prairie Du Chien. This is also a very wonderful place to ride. The one thing that always stays the same is the people are very nice. The weather may change. The location may change. The friendliness of the horse people never changes. I always enjoyed myself and the food was good. The company was fun to be around. The fresh air made me sleep like a baby. JoAnn and Mike have taken my friends and family on several other rides as well and we all had the time of our lives. We are planning a trip this fall. Let the good times roll or should I say RIDE!!!!

– Debra A. Mitchell, Janesville, WI


Amazing! What else is there to say?

This is a chance of a lifetime. I went horseback camping in mid October 2010 at Wildcat State Park. The surroundings were breathtaking both at camp and on the trails. The people were wonderful, Joann and Mike are both amazing people who love what they do. Every aspect of this trip was relaxing including the ride we took in the rain! This is a trip I will never forget and I plan to have many more. When taking this trip don’t forget your camera!

I want to thank you and Mike both for a wonderful weekend and I look forward to going again sometime!

– Sabrina Taormino, Janesville, WI